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Summer Camp 2021 Logistical Information

We invite you to read how we plan to handle our summer sewing camp program this year...

Around the Mediterranean - Summer Sewing Camp 2021(Updated January 15, 2021) This past year has been a challenging one for all of us and we at Just Make it Sew are no exception. Beginning in June of 2020 we "re-configured" our space to allow for greater social distancing while still maintaining the opportunity for both in-person and virtual classes. In addition through the fall and winter, we have provided the opportunity for both in-person and virtual lessons. And, if we do say so, we think we've gotten pretty good at doing both in-person and virtual lessons and classes. While there are still some open questions about how we the West Windsor-Plainsboro School District will be offering camp, we will again be offering both in-person and virtual camps for the weeks that camps are available in Bordentown.

As we did last year, we are offering students the ability to join us in-person -- on a limited basis for summer camp. We are able to safely host up to a maximum of 5-6 youth in-person per camp week. Why offer both? First and foremost, we recognize that some children only want the in-person experience while other parents will not be comfortable sending their child to an in-person camp. So, for those who are interested in a virtual camp, we are offering a modified, "half-day" camp. We recognize how challenging sitting in-front of a tablet or screen can be for long periods of time and how some people are sensitive to spending all day in front of a screen. So, if you are one of those who are interested in a virtual camp, let us know and we can offer a modified session with a few less projects. .

Here is what are currently doing to ensure the health and safety of all:

  • Individual workstations and cutting areas are configured to allow for appropriate social distancing and to limit the number or students in the shop at any one time. In addition, we post a notice that the store will not be open to the public while camp is in-session.
  • Each teacher and/or helper will wear masks in-store while students are present with frequent hand washing and/or using hand sanitizer.
  • Each student will need to have their own supplies and will have a sewing machine that will be used solely by that student. We will provide clean machines at the beginning of each week for in-store use and sanitize them at the end of every day. (Please note: Each student taking either a virtual or in-person camp will need to bring or purchase a supplies kit for use. A list of supplies needed is listed at the bottom of this page. You can purchase the entire kit from us for $28.59 ($38.49 regular retail) or purchase them individually from us using the links provided below.
  • For our virtual campers, a limited number of sewing machines are available for rent.
  • We are providing the option of doing everything online (except for the release form). Once you've registered for camp, we will provide a link to you to make the full payment, less any applicable discounts if you registered prior to June 1.

A word about the health and security of your student and our staff. In the morning, when anyone first comes to our store, we will be taking temperatures using a touchless thermometer. As mentioned above we are doing extra cleaning throughout the shop. We are encouraging students to wash their hands frequently and will schedule some breaks to do so. At the end of each day, we will sanitize each machine and workspace.

We are planning in time for social interaction between in-person and virtual students during the course of each week. We will be providing a few fun games and activities to engage minds and keep attention fresh particularly for our virtual participants. We will be offering additional time on Friday morning for both virtual and in-person camp participants, if needed, to finish up their projects. .

Lastly, we are offering a half-day camp option only for virtual camp participants. Virtual half-day camp will run from 9 am to Noon and will include a smaller # of projects. Virtual full-day camp will run from 9 am to 3:30 with a break each day for lunch. When we send you the link for the additional camp payment, you can then choose the half-day camp option. If you are doing a half-day camp, you and your student need to understand that they will not be completing the same # of projects as those attending the full-day camp. One nice aspect to hosting a virtual summer camp is that participants are not limited to the NJ area. If you live outside the Bordentown, NJ area, we will need to coordinate with you in time to mail the kit and any supplies you purchase.

For all campers, about a week prior to the start of their chosen camp week, we will need measurements and fabric choices prior to the start of the camp week so we can assemble supplies and prepare the kits. For those attending our camp virtually we will provide a "kit" that includes pre-cut fabric pieces and the supplies needed to make the specific projects that will be included. All camp times are Eastern Time.

Sewing camp supply List

To purchase all items listed below as a Summer Camp Sewing Kit click on the link and add the item to your shopping cart and checkout.

Items may also be purchased individually.

A final word... We've tried to be thoughtful and thorough, but there may be a few kinks along the way. When that happens, please bear with us as we work out the kinks -- and please help your child to be flexible as well. Please, we encourage you to call us with questions and/or comments, we're sure we haven't thought of everything. Phone: 609-386-4218.

Summer Camp Sign-up and Registration. Registration is $85.00 per person and is non-refundable.

To read about this year's Summer Sewing Camp and for dates and times, follow this link.